Castell del Rey

General information about Castell del Rey

Castell del Rey is a town located in the Costa de Almería

Castell del Rey is a village in the county of Comarca Metropolitana de Almería, which is part of the municipality of Almería, province of Almería.

Castell del Rey has a population of 150 inhabitants.

Castell del Rey is situated at an altitude of 89,8 meters above see level and it's terrain as an average slope of 20,89%.

Map of Castell del Rey

Other villages of the municipaly include:

The closest town to Castell del Rey is at 7 km away and is called  Fuensanta

The closest city to Castell del Rey is at 7 km away and is called  campillo del moro

Climate of Castell del Rey

The average annual temperature in (Castell del Rey) is (18,10) °C, which is (-5,13) °C higher than the average temperature of Spain which is 12,97 °C.
In the warmest months the average temperature is 31,30 °C and for the coldest months the average temperature is 7,20 °C

The annual rainfall in Castell del Rey averages 212 mm, which is 432,3 mm lower than the averege rainfall of Spain (644,3mm)

7 days weather forecast for Castell del Rey

Government and administration of Castell del Rey

(Castell del Rey) falls under the government and administration of the municipality of Almería.
The Mayor of Almería is called Luis Rogelio Rodriguez-comendador Pérez.

Town hall address of (Almería):
plaza de la constitucion, 1
04071 alméria
Tel: (+34) 950210000


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