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Isla d’en Colom...More than an island for sale

Updated on 21 August 2017 by Robbert Dekker |

Isla d’en Colom for sale

Not often you hear about an island being for sale and especially in Spain where most of them are government-owned or are nature reserves.

However, about a week ago we got news from a newsletter from the Spanish property portal Fotocasa announcing the sale of a privately owned Island called Isla d’en Colom.

After doing some research on Wikipedia we found that it is a small beautiful island located in the Mediterranean sea just off the coast of Menorca and it measures 582.689 m2 or about 144 acres.

Currently owned by the Roca family, the island came into possession of the family in 1904 when Antoni Roca i Várez acquired the island in an auction for 7.850 Spanish pesetas. Since then the ownership has been passed down to the current 11 members of the Roca family.

Throughout the centuries this remarkable island was used for many purposes and has a long and rich history. One of the most interesting facts is that in the late XVIII the island served as a hospice for former Spanish slaves in Algeria. Also to be found are the ruins of an old Christian church from to the IV century and a copper mine dating back to 3000 years.

Besides its remarkable history, the island hosts 2 beautiful sandy beaches measuring both over 100 meters long and a smaller pebble beach.

To visit the island you have to be granted special permission since it belongs to a natural reserve called Albufera des Grau. It is also not permitted to anchor boats nearby and go on hiking on the island since it is a protected area.

If you are wondering what the selling price is, well it is just 3.712.000 €, which seems quite a bargain compared to an another Balearic island for sale called S'Espalmador, which recently was for sale for 24.000.000 €.

You probably wonder what you can do with an island that is a nature reserve. Well, the good news is that there are 2 buildings on the island. A small wooden house and the primary estate which must be around 200 years old, both located right next to one of the sandy beaches and have the potential of being rented out.

Renting an island in Spain can be a lucrative business. An example is the Mediterranean island of Tagomago located close to Formentera and owned by Matthias Kühn. According to the local press, Mr. Kühn rents out his villa in Tagomago for 100.000 € per week.

bay of Illa den Colom Bay of Illa del Colom
Arenal den Moro beach Arenal d'en Moro beach
Els Tamarells beach Els Tamarells beach
The main house The main house

Interested in buying the Isla d’en Colom, you´d better hurry up!.

We have contacted the Roca family and they were so kind as to give us permission to use the photos from their website for this specific article.