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Tip #1 - Illegal building works

In many cases when buying a property in Spain one might find certain building violations.
For example a pool or the closing of an open space or terrace that has been built without a proper building permit.
As owner of a property in Spain with illegal building works you run the risk of having to demolish and restore the situation as it was before.
However, there are statutes of limitation depending on which autonomous community you live in Spain, which dictate that after a certain amount of years these building violations are tolerated.

For example if an illegal pool was built in Mallorca, which belongs to the Balearic Islands, 8 years ago or before and you can prove it, then the pool is tolerated and it is not at risk of being demolished.

Here is a table illustrating the years by each Spanish autonomous community that need to pass before for the illeagal buiding works are tolerated by the local authorities. This table hols true only if no prior complaints have been filed before.

Autonomous Community Statute of limitations in years
Andalucía 6 years
Aragón 6 years
Asturias 4 years
Balearic Islands 8 years
Canary Islands 4 years
Cantabria 4 years
Castilla y León 4 years
Castilla-La Mancha 4 years
Catalonia 6 years
Extremadura 4 years
Galicia 6 years
La Rioja 4 years
Madrid 4 years
Murcia 4 years
Navarra 4 years
Euskadi 4 years
Valencia 15 years
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